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List of my favourite Stand-up Comics, their styles and why I like them

Archit Rastogi
12 min readSep 20, 2020
George Carlin

Growing up during the 90s in India, I was always interested in comedy. I would try to watch all the comedy shows that are there on Indian TV during those times. Those days, stand up wasn’t that popular in India — very few people were doing it and even they would also be used as a filler “item” or as an opening act for a popular singers/bands etc. Comedy art form in India was mainly restricted to mimicry, parodies, funny poetry (which has a long rich tradition in India). There were not many western channels being televised and internet was not in mass reach. So my introduction to a formal stand-up was rather late.

First time I realised that I love stand-up comedy was while watching Seinfeld-the TV show, during my undergrad. I didn't like the show that much at that time but I watched all the stand-up bits at the start of the show for all 9 seasons, in one night. Then one day, I discovered George Carlin on Netflix (at that point all his specials were on the streaming service). There was no looking back then. Soon, I was watching everything related to stand-up that i could get my hands on.

I have come a long way since not knowing what a real stand -up would look like to watching anything and everything on stand-up comedy and comedians in last 10…