Joke Joker Jokest

List of my favourite Stand-up Comics, their styles and why I like them

George Carlin

George Carlin

Modern Man: George Carlin

Dave Chapelle

Baby in the Ghetto: Dave Chapelle

Bill Burr

Motherhood: Bill Burr

Louis CK

SNL Monologue: Louis CK

Chris Rock

Bring the Pain snip: Chris Rock

Steven Wright

Just for Laughs: Steven Wright

Don Rickles

Ronald Reagan Roast: Don Rickles

Dave Attell

Bus Station story: Dave Attell

Jim Gaffigan

Horses: Jim Gaffigan

Sarah Silverman

Jesus is Magic: Sarah Silverman

Norm MacDonald

12 minute joke: Norm MacDonald

Mitch Hedberg

Just for Laughs: Mitch Hedberg

Mike Birbiglia

Just for Laughs: Mike Birbiglia

Trevor Noah

Live at Apollo: Trevor Noah

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